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PT Evitex Naya Manggala - The Ring Spinning manufacturer

PT Evitex Naya Manggala is a quality driven company manufacturing ring spun and open end yarns located in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. The factory was established in 1989 with nowadays production capacity 37 tons/day which mostly are 100% polyester.

At present we are producing single and double yarn for 100% polyester,
  blended carded & combed T/C & CVC with count range of 25's for local and export market.
Through the utilization of quality raw materials, the machine technology, and the dedication of experienced staff and management, we wereable to fullfill what our customers need.

Our commitment is constantly innovate and improve our processes, quality and service to make our customer satisfy.
Logo Evitex

Evitex factory is located in Driyorejo, Gresik , East Java.
Driyorejo is located in west Surabaya, which is the second largest city in Indonesia.

Surabaya as the second largest cities beside Jakarta is the main gate of central distribution for eastern Indonesia, which is developing into central trade, economic area, information, production and distribution.

Surabaya is also has a large seaport which handles the trade goods from over the world. And Gresik is known as one of the main industrial area in East Java.
  It is only 30 minutes from Surabaya city and Airport, and one hour from the Sea port by land transportation and is well connected with all modes of transport Air, Road, Rail & Sea.

Head Office :
Ds. Krikilan KM.28 Driyorejo
Gresik, East Java, Indonesia
Phone. +6231 8981118-9
Fax. +6231 8981120

Factory :
Jl. Ry Driyorejo Km.25 No.88 Driyorejo
Gresik, East Java, Indonesia
Phone. +6231 7591278
Fax. +6231 7507768
Email. info@evitex.co.id
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